natural way to get rid of abcess tooth infection?

natural way to get rid of abcess tooth infection?
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you should go to your local hospital and they will give you something to clean it up until your dentist can see you.Forget a natural remedy and go to the emergency room! An abcessed tooth can kill you without the proper antibiotics. A just read an article today about a 12 year old boy who had an abcessed tooth and wasn't able to get to the dentist. The infection went to his brain. The boy died from the infection. An abcessed tooth is nothing to play with. Get to an emergency room.chest pain is probably because your stressed out about the tooth,start gargling with peroxide and rinse with salt water for4 times aday till the swelling goes down,brush your teeth with baking soda and peroxide to keep the abscess in check till you see a dentist.believ it or not make a baking soda paste water and baking soda and put it on the tooth for as long as u can stand it then spit out and rinseYou need to contact your dentist & explain the situation. If that doesn't work, call another one & another one until you can get in someplace. An infection is nothing to put off taking care of. The infection can move into the bone & your blood stream & if you have heart problems, an infection is definitely nothing to let get out of hand....

I have recently been diagnosed with WPW Syndrome. Has anyone had the ablation procedure done?
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This is a condition that falls under the group of 'Pre-exitation' Syndromes. WPW can be a trigger to a few complications.

Patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome may present with anything from mild chest discomfort or palpitations with or without syncope to severe cardiopulmonary compromise or cardiac arrest.

•The procedure you are going to get is Radiofrequency ablation (cauterising procedure) which is successful in 90-95% of patients in curing the problem.

Fine wires called catheters are passed into the heart through veins in the leg. These wires can stimulate (pace) the heart and also record electrical activity. Pacing the heart usually results in triggering of the arrhythmia, and electrical recordings allow the location of the extra pathway to be determined. Another catheter is introduced and positioned to the site of the extra pathway. This catheter delivers energy (usually radiofrequency) to the site of the extra pathway to cauterise and eliminate the arrhythmia. The success rate of the procedure is usually in excess of 90%

Though WPW can produce bad rhythm problems, most studies report the incidence of problems in the 0-4% range. So, take precautions and live normal life.

Recovery time: 2 weeksNot all patients with WPW require ablation. It is dependent on your symptoms and how frequently you they are occurring. Some patients can be managed with medication alone or can be observed without any treatment. I am not sure what symptoms you have and how often they occur. I would suggest you discuss this with your Cardiologist to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. The catheter ablation is done by sticking a needle into one of the blood vessels usually in the neck but sometimes in the groin. A catheter is threaded into the heart and the procedure is performed. There is no incision. Sometimes it can be performed as an outpatient procedure but other times they may want to observe you overnight in the hospital. Most people recover very quickly and can return to normal function within a few days. There are some potential risks just like with every procedure, but most people do well. Discuss it with your cardiologist.

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